Commit e86738e3 authored by JuniorJPDJ's avatar JuniorJPDJ
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disabled workaround: upstream patched locks

parent 83316015
......@@ -25,8 +25,7 @@ RUN chmod +rx /bin/syncrepo && \
sed 's%cmd+=(--quiet)%cmd+=(-v)%' -i /bin/syncrepo && \
sed 's%tty -s%stty \&>/dev/null%' -i /bin/syncrepo && \
sed 's%rsync_cmd .*/lastsync"$%& \&>/dev/null%' -i /bin/syncrepo && \
sed 's%^#echo%echo%' -i /bin/syncrepo && \
sed 's%^find%#find%' -i /bin/syncrepo
sed 's%^#echo%echo%' -i /bin/syncrepo
CMD mkdir -p "/var/mirror/$TARGETDIR" "/var/mirror/$TMPDIR" && chown nobody "/var/mirror/$TARGETDIR" "/var/mirror/$TMPDIR" && echo Starting cron && /usr/sbin/crond -f
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